Organic search engine optimisation, the driving force behind elevating a brands content in the search engines. Dominating the search results pages is the key to delivering sales for any business.

Relevant, organic keyword positions in Google

Data and Insights Driven

At Digital Dominance, we provide high quality, data and insights driven Search Engine Optimisation services to companies throughout the UK. Our on-page and off-page search optimisation provide companies with targeted, relevant traffic to their website. Our clients see a marked increase in website visitors and website enquiries as a result of our SEO campaigns. Digital Dominance are committed to ensuring that you keep ahead of your competitors online by optimising your website using data and insights for the important keywords for your business. Our services are designed to deliver return on investment for your marketing spend.

SEO Services

Organic SEO

When creating or updating your business website design, you also want to rank well for your keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The search engines are extremely important to your business and a digital marketing services provider can help you reach the top spots through search marketing. Our expert copywriters are experienced at writing high ranking, engaging and relevant content to help build high ranking back-links to your website articles and service pages. We will analyse your website’s code, website structure and website speed (page loading speeds) and implement an online marketing strategy just for you. Using ethical, white hat marketing techniques, we can make all the difference for your business online to increase ROI and bring in higher amounts of targeted, relevant traffic to your website pages. Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search algorithms will pick up the changes we have made to move your unranked keywords and keyword phrases into highly-ranked positions within their search engines. Our team employ only ethical search engine marketing techniques and steer clear of black hat marketing strategies. In years gone by, black hat SEO would have done the job but as the search engines have evolved, so have their ranking algorithms, making sure that they only rank websites that have clearly put in the effort to become online industry leaders to increase their website authority. If you have just had your website designer build your website get in touch with us to see how we can help you reach your customers.

Ethical SEO

As an ethical SEO company, we will improve your search results and increase rankings without using poor strategies such as link farming, keyword stuffing and hidden text. The best companies will use relevant anchor text links to increase web page authority within your website and target key search terms or keyword phrases to encourage a search engine’s algorithm to rank you highly for them. Well written, relevant, high quality copywriting within your website content will encourage organic rankings to improve. High quality content is ultra-important when it comes to marketing your website. Our expert digital marketers will improve your page rankings throughout your campaign, increasing brand awareness and your website’s authority to help you engage with your audience. Our search engine marketing methods are proven to work.

Citation Building

We provide high quality business citations services and get you listed in all the best citation directories as well as Infographic distribution services. Creating and distributing engaging infographics can create backlinks to your website, improving your overall website authority.

Semantic Search

Search engines have become remarkably clever over that past few years at understanding what any particular searcher is looking for. By understanding a searchers intent, the search engines are able to serve highly relevant search results to that Internet searcher. Semantic search improves accuracy by understanding intent and contextual meaning when people search the web.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

As well as SEO, we also provide Pay Per Click services to our customers. If you are interested in this service, please contact us to find out how we can help you with improving and managing your PPC ad campaigns.

Local Marketing

If you are a local business looking for local marketing then our localised search campaigns will target specific geographical areas for pages on your website through localised keyword techniques. We research your current website ranking for your localised key terms and improve your positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing for searchers within your local town or city.

Mobile SEO

When customers search for your products and services using mobile phones or smartphones they will see mobile search results. Larger screen size devices such as laptops and desktop computers see the traditional desktop search results. Many people now use a smartphone or tablet device when searching online. We can implement a strategy to target mobile searchers through responsive website design and mobile search. Depending on a device’s screen size, customers can see different rankings for your business if your website is not mobile friendly and optimised for smartphones. Page speeds are an important factor for search positions in the SERPs, web pages need to be optimised for fast loading times. We will build your mobile friendly website to be fast loading.

On-Page SEO

Title tags, header tags and content are at the core of conventional on-page SEO. Writing high quality content increases customer engagement, brand recognition and ranking position for your site. Brand identity increases when writing engaging content using white hat methods to drive relevant and natural website traffic with a high conversion rate to increase in sales through customer engagement.

Off-Page SEO

It is important that your off-page SEO is also worked on. This has to be optimised so that your website ranks high in the search engines for your most important industry keywords. Our experts will implement an off-page SEO strategy to improve your rankings in Google.

Search Engine Marketing

A great search engine marketing tool is Google’s Keyword Planner. Using this tool, you can find out which keywords and search terms people are searching for to help create high-performing website content for the most search and most relevant terms. Search engine’s algorithms will reward you with higher rankings for well written on-page content.